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friday, january 09, 2004

Annnd a new comic. I'd like to thank the boys over at MacHall for being so patient with my 'run the ad NOW no wait delay it no wait you can run it WAIT' emails.

Keep an eye on the site - THAR BE CHANGES AHEAD, YARRRR!!!

Site's been down for a bit, it's back up, there's a bunch of new strips in the archives if you've missed 'em - we're on Keenspace temporarily right now, so if there's any slowness or futzyness with the site, you can pretty much attribute it to that.

There's still a F.A.Q up for those that missed it - sorry, didn't realize I'd taken the link down. Be happy. HAPPY!

old news -

Queen of Wands is returning to a M-W-F update schedule for the time being - with all that is going on, I simply do not have the time to draw a seven day a week strip. We'll be going back to seven days a week as soon as we get re-located over here. Keep checking back for new strips every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

friday, february 7, 2003

Well then! Today - or rather yesterday, if I'd updated on time, marks the 100th QoW strip to appear on the web. Strangely enough, it really doesn't FEEL like it's been all that long. Two strip update today, and tomorrow's strip will be up tomorrow, and then we'll attempt to get on a nice updating schedule again. Ahhh, schedules.

In case you didn't notice, and in honor of the 100th strip, we've got a lovely new site design, courtesy of Hal over at Bald Rocket Productions. They also run both Electronic Mayhem, an interesting site with all sorts of entertaining articles and whatnot, and the X-Forums, which hosts the QoW forum as well!

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